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Nier Automata Crack  a story I thought I’d heard before. It’s the distant future and the earth is in ruins. Machines have replaced mankind, and therefore they must be destroyed. Cue the ethical dilemmas, the friendly machines. Cue the crisis on a shattered concrete stage, and of course the swelling orchestra. Nier Automata did give me a lot of what I expected, but it also gave me a lot that I didn’t. Even when I’d seen the twists coming there was always still some surprise, some little (or not so little) knot left for me to unrave.

Nier Automata Crack

Nier Automata 2023 Crack & Torrent PS5 Download [Latest]

Nier Automata thrives on its mysteries Its ruined Earth setting is a playground of mayhem where fashionable androids lay waste to less sophisticated looking robots. Its premise of a never-ending war is initially straightforward. But if you know anything about the game’s director, Yoko Taro, then you know to expect the unexpected. That includes everything from an unusual soundtrack steeped in vocals to a battle-hardened heroine who walks with the swagger of a supermodel. Automata also delivers a well-executed and refined combat system, the level of which alone makes Automata well worth the price of admission.

Nier Automata takes place in a desolate but stunning futuristic dystopia where humanity has fled to the moon after an extraterrestrial invasion, leaving behind an army of androids to fight the aliens’ more primitive but prolific machines. It’s a world where lush green tendrils of ivy coil around the massive skeletal remains of crumbling skyscrapers and tears of rust streak down the sides of old factories, with rotund buildings and looming cranes dominating the skyline.

Nier Automata Crack

Nier Automata 2023 Crack & Torrent Download

NieR: Automata is the greatest game ever made. It’s not just that it is the deepest and most narratively potent game ever developed – and it is a truly deep narrative experience – but more than that, Yoko Taro has finally found perhaps the developer on the planet capable of doing his visionary work justice. This game is a true, genuine work of art, and anyone who wants to prove that gaming does possess an equivalent to the greatest novels, operas, theatre plays, or paintings, now has that very game to point to. Yoko Taro is gaming’s Shakespeare, Da Vinci, and Welles, all rolled into one.

Playing this game on the Nintendo Switch only underscored how rare such an experience is not just on the platform, but in the medium in general. Yoko Taro has famously said he finds games that stick to genre conventions boring, which is why his titles often mix and match formulas on the fly. In its first five minutes, the game covers twin-stick shooters, side-scrolling action and top-down shoot ‘em up gameplay in a virtuosic opening sequence, all while retaining the same button controls, maintaining coherence in player participation.

Nier Automata Crack

Nier Automata Game OF The Yorha Edition 2023 Download

Veterans of the PC and PS4 versions of NieR Automatawill notice almost immediately the downgrade in graphical fidelity. Character models remain at a decent level, but distant objects like buildings or rocks suffer greatly from the constraints of the Switch. It isn’t so much a bad thing as it is a distraction from everything else going on around the player. The large enemies lose a fair bit of detail while some object layers appear absent of details when viewed at a distance. Big areas are hit the hardest by this, as looking around will reveal things that look downright smooth and un-textured entirely. Those who are used to a better-looking NieR experience might struggle to accept how bland it can look in some places.

Nier: Automata shares many themes with its predecessor, including the music, storytelling, and gameplay. You play as 2B, an android tasked with defeating the robot threat, and assisting other androids living in Earth’s wastelands. The Androids, 2B includ, are base against the robotic denizens that have taken over the world, and fight them indiscriminately. You learn very quickly, however, that robots are much more humane than their goofy cylindrical appearances would have you believe, and the androids aren’t quite the heroes you are told they are. Much like the original game, misunderstanding and misinformation play key roles in Automata’s story. This only becomes more poignant on subsequent replays, which have you play as alternate characters with unique perspectives and scenarios.

Nier Automata Crack

Nier Automata Crack Game OF The Yorha Edition 2023 Download

The soundtrack of NieR:Automata likely needs no introduction, but its unbridled brilliance deserves emphasis. From exceptional and tense battle scenarios to the melodically enchanting field themes, Automata demonstrates masterful tonal depiction. The soundtrack is always inextricably tied to any story-heavy game’s identity, and that holds doubly true for this title. One final point that needs to be highlight is how this game performs on Nintendo Switch.

Nier Automata does a lot and only seems to suffers for it in a handful of very small ways, the most glaring of which are its many invisible walls. Though you can double jump and mantle your way across the obstacle-riddled environments, there’s little distinction between climbable surfaces and unclimbable barriers even in areas that look like they’re absolutely built to be scaled. Its maps are filled with secretive nooks and crannies which makes the inevitable backtracking more tolerable, but actually accessing those spaces can be deeply frustrating, and the cumbersome 3D world map doesn’t offer much help in that regard.

Nier Automata Crack

NieR Automata The End of YoRHa Edition carries over almost every bit of what made its PC and PS4 versions so popular. It doesn’t carry the same graphical prowess as its original, but that isn’t surprising as a port. Still, it is easy to see why it was so acclaim by critics and gamers alike back in 2017. For players hoping for a portable version of NieRAutomatato take with them everywhere, Virtuos and Square Enix did an excellent job making it available for just that. Players who missed it the first time around have a chance to finally experience everything NieR Automata has to offer in a portable and shiny, though slightly uglier, package.

Nier Automata Crack Game Features:

  • The NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition includes the game itself and comes packed with DLC and bonus content for the full experience of the award winning post apocalyptic action RPG.
  • Valve Character Accessory, Cardboard Pod Skin, Retro Grey Pod Skin, Retro Red Pod Skin, Grimoire Weiss Pod, Machine Mask.
  • Game of the Yara Edition includes the game along with DLC and bonus content for the full experience of the award winning post-apocalyptic action RPG; See description below for complete details
  • Action packed battles and fluid combat perfect for both newcomers and experienced action gamers
  • Includes RPG elements such as leveling, different weapon types, combat skills, and customizable load outs
  • The desolate open world features beautiful vistas and a wealth of side quests in addition to the main storyline
  • Pods assist in and outside of battle and can be upgrad with new attack variations and abilities


  • Engrossing story
  • Movement feels incredible
  • Riveting gameplay beyond the hack-and-slash battles


  • Tedious side missions
  • Invisible walls

 System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 or AMD A8-6500
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 VRAM 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 270X VRAM 2GB
  • Sound Card: DirectX® 11 supported
  • DirectX: Version 11

What’s New in Nier Automata Crack?

  • Nier Automata base game.
  •  (three battle arenas, three costumes, and one final trippy side quest).
  • New Nintendo Switch exclusive costumes (like the Kitsune Mask that we saw in the trailer).

How to Install?

  1. Extract the file using Winrar.
  2. Open NieR Automata Game folder, double click on Setup and install it.
  3. After installation complete, go to the folder where you extract the game.
  4. Open Crack folder, copy all files and paste it where you install the game.
  5. Then double click on NieR Automata icon to play the game.
  6.  Done!

How Much Cost Nier Automat Crack?

Nier: Automata offers dozens of hours of content in a port that sees sensible compromise (blurrier textures, a capped framerate) while retaining what makes the experience an opera of spectacle and mood. All in all Its launch this week further strengthens the deep quality of the Nintendo Switch’s growing library, and it is immediately one of the best titles you could own on the platform.


The scope of the game expands as the story persists, and so do your enemies both in terms of size and numbers. The Switch version still depicts large-scale, open-world battles against Goliath-sized combatants, and it’s mostly here where the system strains under the spectacle of sparks, explosions and literally thousands of moving machine parts in a battlefield. Nonetheless, it remains an impressive performance.

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