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GiliSoft File Lock Crack is wonderful and amazing tool that protect and safe your file on your computer or pc. Its best features is that is the great ability to hide the enter files in your computer and make the visible  unauthorized users. Also, If you lock the your computer r mobile device and then forget the password and don’t now the password you have lock the computer so don’t stress about the lock so quickly the download app Gilisoft File Lock and unlock your computer r mobile fine without any problem.

GiliSoft File Lock Crack

Morevere, Gilisoft File Lock offers to keep files and folders safe from prying eyes. Its effective safeguards are easy to set up and difficult to crack, which makes for a great security tool. Gilisoft File Lock has an attractive interface that is simple to operate. It provides that great full and amazing can protect the files android from different virus. If Any want to use your software or documents they cannot do this because if they not now your password they cannot use any things.

GiliSoft File Lock 13 Crack + Keygen Premium Unlock 2023

Therefore Gilisoft file Lock is also known as protection. The hacker want to use your software or computer to save your documents. He tries the enter Wrong Password more then 5 mints the Computer are hang and alarm notification were send Your E-mail Box in your computer or mobile Fine. If you forget the password cannot use any file then sign in and enter your fond number r email following process are sharing on your laptop screen.

Gilisoft File Lock is software tool Which help the people the to save and protect their hide private data. it is powerful to you nobody can assess and destroy your hide data and without password. Download screenshot Gilisoft file lock protect or encrypt fills, folders and drives in an easy and powerful way with this handy software.

GiliSoft File Lock Crack

Folder Lock For PC

All in all,  good folder lock for PC will prevent unauthorized access to everyone who is not supposed to be privy to the folder’s content. Not just for office systems, Folder lock software is also highly recommended by security experts for personal devices as well.Now a days have modern and advance technology. in the past every thing have been lay down however in all around the World 20% people can use the past thing but now a days 100% people can use the modern and advance prescription.

GiliSoft File Lock Crack Premium Unlock 2023

Therefore, Lock folders on internal hard drive, flash drive, external USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, pen drive, and network drive. Encrypt files, folders; Hide files folders and drives; Make files folders and drives read only; Password protect files folders and drives.

GiliSoft File Lock Crack

This application software is very user-friendly and can be use by any professional and unfamiliar user as well. On the other hand, it also has options for the programs; these programs can disable the shell menu, and hide the application software from the desktop. This application has a start menu and quick link as well as it carries a list of drives, folders, and files excreted by the user accidentally or by desirably

Key Features of GiliSoft File Lock Pro:

  • Files/Folders/Drives from local disk or external (USB) disk, Windows Safe Mode.& search results.
  •  Files/Folders/Drives with a password for any type files/folders on local disk or external (USB) disk
  •  Files/Folders/Drives from modifying, delete (even shift delete), or rename it without a password.
  • For changing and writing or any operations or changes make by a user.
  • Shared Folder to lock access to a folder via a password.
  •  With a GFL format or EXE format file with AES encryption algorithm.
  •  As fast, safe and reliable tool to shred your company files with the integrated Disk Wiper which uses shredding algorithm to wipe unused disk space.
  •  To filter system files or program you cannot lock
  • To protect the program from uninstalled without password with alarm notifications to your pre-defined e-mail when someone enters the wrong password more than 5 times and the unknown login will be temporarily banned.


  • File Lock Pro is powerful and convenient, a potent combination.
  • With a minimum of difficulty, File Lock Pro lets you secure your files, folders, and drives, and control specific levels of access to them.
  • Thanks to a right-click menu in Windows Explorer, you needn’t have the main program window up to make use of File Lock Pro’s features.


  • Hide Files/Folders/Drives.
  • Deny Reading Files/Folders/Drives.
  • Deny Writing Files/Folders/Drives.
  • Monitor Folder Changing and Write Log.
  • Powerful Self-protection Functions.

How To Crack Gilisoft File Lock Pro

  • Also, First of all, Download the gilisoft file lock pro cracked from below given below link.
  • After installation this software.
  • Done this updated version free download
  • With running in your pc (setup+file)
  • Also, Enjoy or working (100%).


Also, Gilisoft File Lock Crack offers a set of handy features that are not often found together, and are laid out in a way that facilitates easy use. All in all, While some issues may arise when working with files in unusual ways or combinations, for general purposes, File Lock Pro works well consistently. Therefore, If you want to add a solid level of security to control over your files, File Lock Pro is a good place to look.

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